Tuesday, November 24, 2009

These days...

These last three months have been one of the most horrendous of my life. And I really tried not to let it show up in my blog cos let's face it, this is my happy place.
I was posting more on Facebook than here. But I noticed that some of my friends equally stopped posting anything meaningful or actually left Blogger entirely. Sucks.

I am in Enugu right now visiting the parents and one of the things that gets me crazy is the internet connection.
Hey, I am a virtual animal and the minute you mess with my connection, you mess with my habitat hence, with my mind! Please, don't mess with my mind. The connection is effing slow. Enugu is not actually a village but the last time I had a slow connection in Lagos- ...
Please, someone should do something about this one city state thingy.
Enugu is cool. I love the ambience. Heck, I grew up here.

So yesterday, you should have seen me in my skinny tank top and my short shorts and flats strolling down the street. Yeah, the looks I got. One city's hot chick is another city's prostitute. A dude in some 'jeep' actually stopped to pick me up. I kept on walking like he and is car weren't there.

Didn't stop me from wearing another pair of shorts, shorter than yesterday's, and a sleeveless long top to the cybercafe this afternoon. Free me, please.

I remember my Grandma always screaming at me each time we went to the village, 'Girls don't wear trousers at home (village), it's alu (abomination).'

Maybe in your time, Grandma. But these days with the kind of skirts in vogue, a pair of trousers seems like the most decent outfit some girls will put on. Even in the village. Every girl is something hot these days.

Speaking of hot. The weather is like living on Mercury or Venus right now. Yeah, I visited those places in my former life. Actually had this boyfriend on Mercury, he had flaming red hair, literally.

See ya.

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