Tresor's World

Hi, my name is Tresor Lekado and you are welcome to my world!

In here, you will find the Roomate, my "step-brother", featuring prominently. He was kind enough to put me up during NYSC and after and I swear I have been a pain in his derriere but one he enjoys.

You will find Bilkis or Bilikisu my married best friend who just kills me with her tales and experience on wedded "bliss".

There's also the Roomate's friends, a ragtag, motley crew of "big boys" who have money to spend on the wrongest things eg: girls. Unfortunately, some of then got laid-off after the bank crisis but they are still big boys even if they say so themselves, some have relocated abroad and some are married but all have one thing in common- their loyalty to the Roomate who happens to be the most interesting person in anybody's life.

There is also my family- my Dad- Mr. Yellow and his wife, Aunty and my son. Yes, I have a son who is currently my brother having been officially adopted by my dad and his wife.

Then finally, there is me, Tresor LeKado- The Purple Diva. I am Fame waiting to burst in your face so stay tuned!

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