Sunday, July 4, 2010


I have this cousin who lives this pathetic existence or so she says.

She is in her early thirties (32), has never had any serious relationship and at this stage, doesn't think she will ever get married. The last time a guy seriously asked her out was in the university or so she says.

The Roomate calls her a lost cause, as simple as that. The thing about her is not that she is an ice maiden or in-bred "independent woman". She is just desperate. You know when someone is narrow-minded enough to have only one goal in mind- in her case marriage- and everyone can pratcally "see" her thoughts and knows where she is headed in every conversation she has with a guy including her relatives. I mean, it's that bad!

She so wants to get married and settle down that she chases guys away- if that is posible.

Her problem is that she does not know how not to be desperate. She can't relax. Every guy she meets she automatically assumes something romantic with him. She is overly romantic, watches too many movies and read too many books- and this according to Mr. Know-It-All (Yep, The Roomate.)

She is the sweetest girl I have ever known -okay, that's not true- she is slightly crazy. The Roomate does not even pretend to be nice to her.

"She is the kind of girl that begs you to be mean to her," he says.

She actually became a career woman and pratically spends all her days in the office because she ha never found a guy to love her.

Sad. Pathetic.

The thing was that yesterday, she tried to commit suicide- nope, Friday night. She took some pills. And well, her parents only discovered her because they noticed that she had been sleeping all day. They rushed her to the clinic yesterday evening and got her tummy pumped. They called this morning. The Roomate and I are going after church to see her at the hospital.

The first question I am going to ask her is, "Well, aren't you the drama queen?"

The Roomate is thinking of suggesting to the doctor or nurse to stitch the words on her forehead.

Nope, there's no sympathy for her in thsi house, obviously.

Got to go now. More gist later...


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