Thursday, July 22, 2010

Vote of thanks

Actually this is long overdue and just when I thought I was getting inspired, I find that I have to rest my pen or is it free my keyboard to go onto other projects.

- So I'd like to start by thanking all those who unwittingly made themselves subjects of my blog starting from the girl with the weird wig, the lady who tested me, Bukky M who almost succeeded in making herself important, the now ex-boyfriend and all other exes to the random folks here and there who were subjects of other people's gists but somehow made their way onto this page in a more personalized format

-Big ups to my crew- rather, the Roomate's crew- Femi the headbanger and co

- Special mention to my family: my Dad, Aunty and of course the inimitable Roomate and his branch of the family

- the Roomate along with Bilkis get the award for being the stars of this blog

- To those of you who read on the sly and outright (you know ya-selves)

- And finally to my blogmates especially the commentators (Otas and co) and those whose blogs I also enjoy so much.

- To Splash, LG, Rayo, Sumptuous, Chari and Buttercup, Pengamer/Skinnylegs the most entertaining and realest blogger ever Sugabelly- you are so sweet to my belly- and the rest of y'all too numerous to mention so forgive me. And to all my followers: you guys kept Tresor alive much longer than the doctors predicted.

I love you all! Peas Hawt! And see y'all in another life!

Tresor-Marie Lekado! aka THE PURPLE DIVA in ya faces!

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