Friday, April 17, 2009

I hate Bukky M!

I hate girls!!! Girls in particular, Bukky M. in general!!!

  • Girls are too critical. They would criticize everything from your hair to your shoes.

'Why did you make this hairstyle? It doesn't fit you.'

For heck sake, it was packing gel which is supposed to fit every girl. That is why brides choose to do it on their wedding day. You can never go wrong with packing gel. But I guess Bukky M. knows better.

  • Girls always want to you show you that they are better at getting good bargains than you. (They are just cheap!)

How much did you buy these pair of shoes?
Ehn?! They cheated you. You can get it for 2,500

Where? At Yaba?!!!
Yaba is for certain people and Divas are definitely not one of them!

Girls criticise you for not having a constant boyfriend, for being a tomboy, for having too many guy friends yet no boyfriends.
Yet they hang around you for these same reasons. For free hook-ups.

I hate Bukky M. not girls!

Sh's not my friend! She's just a user. And she used me to get to the Room-mate!
I woke up this morning and guess who I saw feeling comfortable in our kitchen, wearing the Room-mate's boxers.
The slutty Bukky M.
The user.

Why are you living with a guy that you are not married to or even dating? Don't you know you are preventing other guys from approaching you?

Which guys?!!!
Please, which planet is this girl from? Venus?
Some people are stuck in their ways. They stick to stereotypes and are so narrow-minded, seeing the world only in the way they've been taught to see it.

Living with the Room-mate has not harmed my romantic life in any way; in fact, to some extent, it has helped to enhance it. What can I say? Man(male and female) is naturally a jealous animal.
Almost all Room-mate's friends have a crush on me. Most of them think I am his sister but once they find out that we are just friends... you should see the lengths some go to impress me. There are always guys out there out to prove something especially the fact that they can take you from your man! ( if you are desirable enough, which I am!)
The same goes for girls. Once they think that the Room-mate and I claim not to have anything between us, you should see the way they pull out all the stops to get his attention and prove that they are better than me.
So Bukky M., what are you talking about? like you are not one of the bitches.

And BTW who made you my mother?!!!

How about crawling into the beds of guys you are not married to all in the name of finding a husband? What do you call that, Bukky M.?
Slut. Edie!


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