Wednesday, September 2, 2009

About WW1, Hitler, New Jersey and New York.

So on Saturday, I just had to leave the house, get my groove on. You-know-wara-I-mean? I had had about enough of the Gees dropping around the place.

'Gee? Gee?'

Gee, that's what Lois calls the Roomate.

And then the giggles- tee hee hee- everywhere I turn. My bedroom door ain't sound proof, guys! Heck, the whole freaking walls in this house sounds like its made of tissue paper!!!

Someone invited me to a wine-tasting party. Yep, they actually have one of those in Nigeria. Actually, it was more like cocktails, a chance to get drunk with strangers and acquaintances.

It's like a billion years since the Boyfriend relocated to his country and trust me guys, ONLINE SEX SUCKS! Another name for it should be tease therapy.
Have got my pants all afire and this simpering idiot is not helping matters sauntering around the house half-naked, flaunting her sexuality and her roaringly active sex life. Bitch!

So when K, an old flame, invited me to the wine-tasting thingy, I just thought- a night without the Roomate and Sidekick, yipee!!!- and jumped at the chance with limbs and claws.

The whole night was actually disappointing and boring. Drinks and smokes- I get that scene at home already. So K suggested we step out into the night and once again, I concurred.

We ended up at his place. I had promised myself, no more one night stands, but I was actually angry enough with the Roomate to go ahead with this and not to talk off horny as hell what with months of just Tease Therapy.

It was such a raunchy night. Lots of spit and clawing and biting. Scratching, gnawing, pulling, tugging, pummels and slaps on the backside! Pumping and pushing and banging and bucking and ... It was War!
... and so ferocious that just at the end of WW1, K's little man was aptly baptised Hitler.
It was "raid and rampage", "pillage and spoils".

In the middle of a well-earned pause, K took time to study the landscape, my almost statuesque body (of which I am proud, thank you very much). His men (hands) surrounded the two hills at the top of the valley and after overcoming the twin peaks, with his teeth and tongue he pronounced solemnly ' New Jersey and New York. Here's my New Jersey' he kissed right peak, 'And here's is my New York.' he gnawed on left peak.

Stupid names for breasts if you ask me.


I got home at around 2pm the next day and just had this urge to go naked and spreadeagled on my bed. Just spread my legs and let cool air rush over my bush and ease the still raging fire underneath.

K, if you are reading this, YOU ARE THE MAN!


Yinkuslolo said...


rayo said...

somebody got laid nd had it good. hmmmn!

Chari said...

wooooohoooo dammmnnn!!!!
i HATE you so much ryt now!!!!

Splash said...

ok! you got some!
well, you got a lot!
don't have words for you cuz i am biffing you real bad

Trésor said...

@yinkuslolo: u can say daragain.
@rayo: u got dat rite!
@chari n splash: i can't help ur cases!

Chari said...


still hate you though!

Trésor said...


Chari said...

lol do you ever not have the last word?

Trésor said...

like... NOPE!!!

Chari said...

Ah puhhleeeezzeee!

well neither do i!

Trésor said...

okay, I give up. You win Chari. At this rate, it'll just be you and me commenting on something dat no longer has anything to do with the post...

Chari said...

loool omo e tire me sef! chai! bu ur stubborn oh!

Trésor said...

okay if u really wanna comment y not be the first on Untame! A fiery side of the Diva being unleashed on the world. check the top right corner of my blog,

Buttercup said...


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