Thursday, March 4, 2010

Why I love Lady Gaga. A short essay by Tresor Lekado

I love Lady Gaga because she is original, wild and eccentric.
She has come out with her own style and though the press often loves comparing her to Madonna, she beats Madonna hands down in style and MADness. Lady Gaga is GAGA.

The web recently went GAGA on some hat(s) she wore in London. Her whole style totally blows me away.

She is like the white and totally crazy Rhianna.
Rhianna has got style but Gaga has got the attention- just for being herself and not because some guy beat her up in what eventually became a publicity stunt to market her latest album.

Lady G declares herself Bi (like seriously what does that mean? And this is where I draw the Loveline.) but now celibate.

I am celibate too...

BTW I love GAGA songs. I can't seem to get Paparazzi out of humming range.

How unu dey na?
Satday is the alterego's betday. hmmm...


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