Monday, July 20, 2009

Color or tongue really shouldn't count.

You know, when I first moved in with him, the Roomate had a sugar mummy. She was tall, dark and handsome and 12 years older than him.
Tall, dark and handsome cos she was one of those ladies that look like guys. She had a deep voice too. I think she was a transexual, if there's anything like that in Nigeria.
Ok, ok, I hated her. very obvious!

She got on my wrong side from day one. (long story, I hate long stories so I'm not telling it)

But when I heard her story, I really started to pity her. (that happens all the time. you hate someone, then hear their story then you start to think, maybe I could have loved him after all. yeah right!)

So this lady, when she was much younger had the singular misfortune of falling in love with someone her parents did not approve of- an Igbo guy. He was her university boyfriend and they dated all through or almost. She was Yoruba (the Roomate is Igbo, so seems like she has a plain affinity for Igbo dudes regardless of Mom and Pop's feelings about that.)
In the end, the parents frustrated the hell out of their love. The Igbo dude left the country and fell in love with a white babe abroad. Sugar Mummy remained stuck with her tribalistic parents.
She decided not to marry at all and became so rich that no man would marry her even if they wanted to. It's the same old shitty tale, middle-aged spinster with shitty blind parents who ends up becoming an anathema to all she meets.

Really, I don't understand the tribal crap and I abhor people that get all so "your-people".

Dick or Kitty would still be Dick or Kitty irrespective of color, tribe, religion or size for that matter.
You've got to find the one that suits you and stick to it no matter what anyone says. Because whether it's called Toto or JT, bottom-line is the happiness it causes you. Hold it tight and don't let any sadistic parent do you over.


=♥...IamShhh...♥= said...

First? :)

yeah I agree!! people are still so backwards which is rather unfortunate!

Nice blog!

Trésor said...

Thanks Shhh!

yinkuslolo said...

winsome blog layout that u've got!

Trésor said...

thanks, i guess

SkinnyLegs said...

I totally get u on hating ppl first and feeling sorry after hearing their stories... I end up wishing I never heard the stories so I can just hate them in peace lol.
I really do feel sorry for her though...the annoying part bout it is the same parents ll be the ones nagging her bout grandchildren!

Trésor said...

abi naa! some parents really need to be flogged with way they frustrate their kids. I think the best way of showing love for your child is letting them make their own choice and trusting them on it; after all if you did raise that child wat is there to fear.

Splash said...

even educated parents have not changed their mind set.

my aunt got married to a guy from her place as opposed to another from another part of OUR country. well, this her towns man kicked her out of the house with their 6 kids. bastard!

make our parents allow us marry who we wan marry. na we don date see the person character.

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