Saturday, August 1, 2009

Like seriously, WTF!!!

Someone has finally decided to marry me.

Ah mean... WTF!

I wonder where this stupid Roomate gets his stupid friends from!!!


Duuh, my name is Trésor not Treasure, even though they mean the same thing.

"Treasure, I am going to the East this weekend, give me your father's address in the East I want to go and see him."

Please read the sentences in quotes with a thick Igbo accent. Except my replies, of course. Read those in the most detached, bored tone you can muster, heightened by a note of incredulity. For the Roomate's tone you can assume the dumbest one you can muster.

"Why, Anthony, why do you want to go and see my father?"

"Because I want to marry you. I want to go and ask for your hand in marriage."

From my father, how quaint? Really, I was so shocked that I didn't reply him at all. Instead I gave the Roomate a dark look as in "Is your friend for real?" No, make that- "Is your stupid friend for real?"

The idiot (now I mean the Roomate) first looked dumbfounded then amused.

"Serious, Anthony" - He pronounced it AN-tow-ny, the way the idiot who owns the name pronounces, trying for the pronunciation he hears in movies- AN-t'ny as in Cockney.

"Serious, you want to marry Trésor."

And that was when the stupid AN-tow-ny started blushing! As in, for real?!!! What the heck!!!

"Yes naa. I want to marry her naa, she's a fine gal, naa. So, Treasure, give me your popsie address naaa?"

"My Popsie?" I asked

"Yes naa."

"Well, my "popsie" does not stay in the East. Last I heard, my popsie is a Russian and he lives in Russia."

"Eh na true o, I don forget say you no be Nigerian. Oya, give me your Papa address for Russia. Make I go there go find am?"

And he was serious too.

What the hell! Na so dem they marry?!!!

Ah mean, WTF!!!


SkinnyLegs said...

TrEASURE is getting married o!!!

rayo said...

lmao. i can just imagine the accent.

Trésor said...

@Skinnylegs: your head dia!
@Rayo: well...

Unbiased said...

when did you turn russian sef? lol!

Splash said...

hahaaaaaa. Nne, laugh wan finish me here!
Treasure Treasure, can i be ur chief brides maid? lol

Trésor said...

@All the people that are laughing their asses and other parts of their bodies off and only God knows what else since I dont know what LMBA and ROTG means: No comment.
@Those that want to be Chief-Bridesmaids, which may not necessarily be the same people that were laughing their bum-bum off: Na so e dey hungry u to be Chief-bridesmaid!!!
*sniff* (meaning:disdain)
@Unbiased: long story. Will tell one day.

Anonymous said...

omd...ok that was funny there mehn!
that is some pick up line ryt there mehn! me I dunno why u answered him in the first place

Oyana said...

Treasure, Treasure, Treasure. U need serious bleach and soap for your mouth. I thot Divas don't swear.
Anyway quick marry. I wan chop cake abi na nkwobi dem go serve for ya wedding.
Fine gal like you! Ah mean, how far?!

Trésor said...

the next person that mentions the name Treasure will be banned indefinitely from making comments on this post!
and @Oyana, I'ld like to see u try with the bleach and soap
@Chari: i keep asking myself the same question.
But if I hadn't answered him this "LMAO" post would not exist abi?
To d rest of y'all thanks for laffing at my expense.
Would invite u all for the wedding... in Russia!

Buttercup said...

Sorry, I can't help but join them in laughing. LOL! WTF indeed!

Trésor said...

@Burracup, since it's ur first time here or making a comment, u r allowed to laff but dont laff too loud, whisper laugh!

Nice Anon said...

lol. no words.\

LG said...

so wen's d wedding?????????????

Trésor said...

@nice anon: hey thanks for dropping by.
@LG: y? do u also want to be a bridesmaid like Madam Splash? or a flower girl?!!!!

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