Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This thing called Love

Like seriously this Love thing is not what it is cut out to be.

I've fallen in love like only once in my life and even then I went in with all my eyes open- no blind love for me. In fact, I stood rather than fell in love. That's me. I am cynical like that.

I took everything the dude said to heart so that when I found out that he had been messing me around, I messed him around too. In the end I hurt him more than he ever hurt me. Did I also say that I am evil like that? I am the kind of person who can cut off an arm if it means you'll lose both arms, both legs and your head.

I was reading Sugabelly's blog and thinking wow! all that energy...

One of my good friends has just been messed over by a guy she dated for five years. He left her to marry a girl who got pregnant while he was still dating my friend.

If that happened to me... well, I would just drink a vat of wine and move on to the next that same day. I can't kill myself. Love is not all we came to do on this earth. We came to live; love or not that's what I'll always do best.



Splash said...

i need to think

Controversy said...

Damn @ the dude who left the girl for a pregnant one. Dats friggin cold

Splash said...

the nish never wanted to marry the girl from the start.
bastard guy!
bloody punk!

well all works together for good. i believe she is better off with him

Trésor said...

better off withOUT him, you mean.

Oh well...

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