Friday, October 16, 2009

Accidental Boyfriend

I am one of those that don't believe in Love.
I don't much believe in anything actually.

So after the one night stand, months later, we are still together.
Nooo, it's far from being a love thing but the fact that we are still together...

it might just end tomorrow so that I can go on living my loner life... go back to being the observer... the outsider always looking in...

things are happening to me, things i don't like or care for- and it's messing with my chi!

i am in this low place and it's affecting me all over. so if i am not blogging as much as i would like to nor commenting on all y'all's blogs as often as I would love to it's all part of this thing messing my mind up.

And no it's not love nor...


Tay-mee said...

First of all I love the music on your blog, some of my favourite songs. Oh and with your "love" thing, I say go with the flow!

Controversy said...

Sorry hun..
And yes i agree with Tay mee the music on ur profile is what i identify with

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