Saturday, April 24, 2010

How not to be a loser.

There was a period in my life when I would be quick to call myself a loser. The problem was that I just wasn't getting the things I wanted. And I wanted so many things.

I blamed it all on a lack of charisma, lack of motivation and inspiration, lack of this and lack of that.
"You are just not a fighter and an achiever," I would berate myself. But anyone who knows me would tell you how untrue that statement is.

The truth is that I am an ambitious person. I have all these dreams and plans on how I am going to achieve them but my problem lies in a total lack of trust and faith in myself. Also, the fact that I let myself get distracted by what others are achieving. Life is annoyingly competitive that even the most free-spirited amongst us sometimes get carried away by its lesser attractions.

But, I have come to terms with myself and regained my purpose- all with the help of prayer and a determination to trust God no matter what.
I no longer count losses but gains. I look at the other side of those things I seem to have "lost" and I ask myself questions like :"Did I really need that or I did I just want it because of how attractive it looks?" "How does this fit into the whole frame of my life- present and future?" "Even if it look good on its own, would it have looked good on me?" And the most important question "What do I have now that is all the more precious because it is useful to me?"

You know what, I have come to realise after losing my loser mentality (this phrase is not used in its regular sense) that it is not really about winning all the time or always getting what you want just because you can and are smart enough or patient enough to get it, it is all about being happy with yourself - who you are when you have and don't have.

So when next you go for that job interview and fail to get the job or you date that oh-so-balanced guy and it does not lead to marriage- do not count yourself a loser, you are actually a winner. You have just won the chance to get that which is perfectly right for you, the one you really need.

God is love,


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