Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Everyday, I come here and I find that even though I don't post as often as before I still have visitors, enough to know it is not the blogger staff doing their behind-the-scene-voodoo.

So if you are so interested in what I say and you love reading, why don't you comment? I love to read people's comment. A message is not complete unless there's feedback. In fact, a story continues long after it's told because listeners give their own take on it. I would like to know what people think about what I think. So next time you are on this blog even if it is just in one letter, tell me what u think. I promise I won't freak if it is negative ( although , I might just delete it if it's rude.)

So today, I was wondering about the internet and how it has become a POWERFUL tool for communication. It has succeeded in uniting people across continents (very much like the ship, the train and the airplane in their days but this is faster and broader and more instantaneous)

So I was thinking with all my 'friends' across continents most of whom I have never seen and some of whom I have formed deep relationships with in spite of that, what if someone dies, how would I know?
Someone may just stop blogging for several reasons or stop being active on Facebook but what if one of those reasons is death?

Sorry for the macabre thought but I have this friend whom I love so much, we are yet to meet but we have been friends for over two years now. And suddenly for over week now, I have not 'seen' my friend on the internet which is highly unusual because my friend signs in to one or other of the websites where we meet. But one week now- and zilch!

Who would inform me of the person's death? Who knows all the numerous passwords to all the social networks?

Or would they pick up the phone and dial all the numbers on it informing 'friends' of the death and what if not all are friends?

And how do you mourn someone you have never seen? Very well, except that in this case it would be double the loss as there is no longer anything to look forward to. There is now absolutely no chance you would meet in this life.


Like I said, sorry for the morbid thought.


rayo said...

is it by force to drop a comment. ha. anyway there's a comment for u :p

Otas said...

I have thought about this sooo many times and sometimes it scares me. So to spare my friends that same trouble I have created a system. I write the password in ten diff places and should anything happen to me ten different people know where to find my various passwords and to inform the fbk and twitter world

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