Monday, April 27, 2009

The Boyfriend

I have a boyfriend o!
For all of you who are thinking all kinds of things between the Room-mate and me, I have a boyfriend!
He's French, round with a round tummy and round head. He has this smooth hairless face and silky hair that I love to pull. He's my age so you can't call him my aristo. Or you can if you want if it's based on him being white alone, it's a free world.

So on Friday, we went clubbing (as usual!) and like I said, I don't dance. He, on the other hand, loves to dance... or hop or whatever-the-hell-white-people-do-to-all-types-of-African-music-including-hip-hop and which is absolutely not dancing! He jerks around like a marionette and I absolutely don't like dancing when he does because each time I end up bursting into laughter and then things end up not being funny for either of us because the guy seriously thinks he is dancing!

And it's odd that I shuld laugh since I can't break a move to save my life. I can only wind seductively. But I've got some African blood so dancing even when it is badly done looks better on me than it does on him.

So there he was doing his 'I am possessed' routine and this akuna comes from nowhere n starts to get into his groove. Next thing she's rubbing her breasts all over his chest and then her friend apparates n starts to do the same to his back.
All this while, I was watching the band. The lead-singer was not only singing but was actually dancing. And I was thinking, now there's someone who can do it.
Suddenly, I felt someone rush at me, tug me off my seat and then plops into it jamming me on top of his knees. He looked towards where the girls were still standing looking stunned, pointed fiercly at me and mouthed slowly so that they could understand each word over the noise, ' MY. GIRL. FRIEND!'

Not understanding what was going on, I smiled at the girls inanely n tried a weak wave. One of the girls smiled back, while the other hissed and walked off.

For the rest of the evening I remained perched on two very uncomfortable legs. The boyfriend had his arms wrapped tightly round me for protection so I couldn't move. I ended up wiggling so much that a third leg popped up and that was when we decided to call it a night.

Have a good week.


Splash said...

you boyfriend is a good guy.
other's would grind and grind.

T-razor said...

my boyfriend is not a sharp guy. full stop.
imagine running home to mummy!!!
Bobo yen go gan!!
actually, he tries to be a gud guy n I appreciate it where I can.

Anonymous said...

a 3rd leg?? naughty girl!

ibiluv said...


he's so cute!!!!!!

T-razor said...

awww, u tink?!

LG said...

lolllllllllll fear fear man :-)

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