Saturday, May 15, 2010

Love, Love, Love.

There is this cute couple that pass by my house everyday. Oh, they are so cute. Both tall, both skinny, both young, so in love...

Of course, I am biffing them!

They started out as friends from secondary school- high school romance, don't you just love that?!!! Now they are both adults in their early twenties, still in university. At least one is and it's not the girl! And I am thinking, how long will this "shit" last!

I had this friend. She dated this guy for five years, FIVE years, all through uni and when it was time for wedding bells to toll for her, the relationship crashed.

I don't believe in long-term relationships especially when it starts out that early. Call me cynical. Very few, and I mean very few, fail to stand the test of time.

I believe in mature relationships, between adults. That is, if that word "adult" still exists. What with everyone aiming for eternal youth in looks and deeds.

Oh, what the heck! If you want to marry me, have that in mind when you come to ask me out on a date. And by the time we have dated for two months, we should be engaged. I will not waste my energies on a five-go-nowhere-year relationship. Thanks but no thanks, I can do without the experience!

And I so hate high school romance/friendship relationships. After two years of that, familiarity sets in. Also if the guy has been getting it for free all this while, what makes you think he would be willing to pay for it.

Bottom-line: The only time long term relationships work is when no one is getting anything. Deprivation instills sense and aids commitment. Tell everyone I said so!


Sumptuous said...

Rightly said my sista, i totally agree. Such couples just make me laugh jare. I can bet d guy is boning sumone else in school jo. Love my behind!

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