Sunday, May 31, 2009

Divas don't react, they act!

This week is going to be a bit eventful.
For one my birthday is coming up on Saturday. The Boyfriend is leaving on Sunday.

My Stepdad (actually, the only dad I know) Mr. Yellow called to ask me what I would like for my birthday and immediately I told him a car. I am still banned from using the Roomate's car except in the presence of an 'adult'. Well, I hope Mr. Yellow buys me a big car, like an Element or something, so I can rub it in the Roomate's face for so many reasons.
But knowing Mr. Yellow and his whole idea of me, I know he'll buy me a girly cute car like a- if he buys me a Picanto, I'll sell it off immedaitely. I think I should tell him that I would prefer a Bug.

Which is more expensive, Element or End of Discussion?

I call Mr. Yellow my aristo cos he acts like one.
I used to have this aristo back then in Uni. And when Mr. Yellow found out (via the Roomate, who else?) he hit the roof and almost had a heart attack. Since then, he makes sure to give me all I need so I don't slip back into my evil ways. In fact, the only reason he allowed me come to Lagos was because his wife, Aunty (the Roomate's mom, getting complicated isn't it?) convinced him that her son would keep a good eye on me. Considering that the Roomate has already proven himself once, the trusting man agreed and gave his little lamb to the wolf.

If I think of all the many ways the Roomate has betrayed me, I really should just sticka knife in his throat and get it over with.

The Roomate finally caught me with Donny. We were in the sitting room making out and I was only in my lacy underthings and going slowly down the guy undressing him when the man with the poorest timing in the world walked in. You would think he would say excuse me and walk out.
But noooo, he had to shout 'Trésor!'
To cut a long story short, he thoroughly embarrassed Donny and threw him out.
I remained calm, I am always calm, you know. When he came back in, I was covering myself with only a tee-shirt (mine) and wishing I had a cigarette. I only ever smoke when I am angry. It enhances my cool as ice demeanor at those moments. I would take a puff and blow it out in a long stream. I don't smoke so I always have to buma cugarette from the Roomate or his friends to pull this off but I was too shocked at the way Donny had meekly taken the Roomate's insults to move. But my anger was still as icy as ever cos when Roomate came back in, he just took one look at me and sat down, deflated. I wasn't giving him anything to rise on.

'You know he is married, don't you?' and his voice was accusing like he thought I really knew.
Anyway, I didn't but what if he was? The Roomate had some nerve. He used to date a married woman not too long ago.
Then to make matters worse, he brought up the Donny topic in front of the Boyfriend. And that one ended up taking it harder than I thought he would.

Indeed this week is going to be very eventful but not for the reasons you think. I am telling you things really are going to start getting hot in this house! Some people are going to start seeing my true colours.

But first of all, Mr. Yellow has to buy me a mighty expensive car.


Fatima said...

Grrrrr! What's the Roommates's problem now? As if it wasnt bad enough that he embarrassed Donny then he had to mention it in front of the Boyfriend? haba!

Besides, Donny getting married is Donny's problem, how were you supposed to know?

*sigh* This roommate self!

doll said...

is the roommate your sstep brother?

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