Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trésor Unlimited!

You know how they say 'soldier go, soldier come'? Well, there has been a coup d'état.
Seriously, y'all were not thinking that I was actually going to wait for the Boyfriend to leave before I found me another playmate, did ya?
His name (on the blog, of course!) is Donny. And no, this one is not white though he is a bit foreign... in character!
He's one of the football fanatics that have recently been invading my house. He is supposed to be a friend of the Roomate.
Seems like he was aiming to be my friend all along. You know, I am now thinking, not all you football freaks are that bad.

Does Mr. Roomate know about this budding romance?
Wellll, not exactly! Though I think he is been catching some whiff of it here and there. The way he stares at me suspiciously after Donny and I have just exchanged what we thought were discreet glances...
Well, he had better hold his side and not throw a jealous fit on me, cos I have got a lot on him to go on. (ahem!)
Does the soon-to-be-gone Boyfriend know? Actually, he has no time right now. And why should he really be bothered? He is going back to someone so why should I remain alone?

The Roomate is traveling to Abuja this weekend...


LG said...

loll@soldier go'soldier come'
babes no be wetin *fela mean be dat o :-)

T-razor said...

ye-ah! Wareva!

ibiluv said...

paro lo jo!!!!!!!!!!

T-razor said...

@ibiluv, tank u, tank u, taaaannnk u!!!

LG said...


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