Monday, May 11, 2009

So the Boyfriend is leaving...
Nope! I don't think so!

We didn't plan it that far. I guess since we both knew he was going to leave anyway we unofficially decided to make our relationship as light as possible. We had fun together which I guess, to begin with, was the whole aim of the entire business.
He has a girlfriend back home so he is probably going back to her while I go back to being the Roomate's side kick at every function he goes for and especially on club nights.

We'll probably write each other, I mean the Boyfriend and I, chat on Skype and do the whole webcam thingy. Then after sometime one person would start to feign busy and soon all we'll end up being to each other would be "a fling I had that one time in Nigeria."
My God! How depressing!

Will I mis him? A little but no biggy.

So as I am going to be free by the end of the month, I am open to applications.
Must be fun, carefree, chubby with silky black hair I can pull (doesn't have to be white!), an ebullient personality who is willing to be bullied sometimes, has puppy-dog eyes and tends to act like a lapdog too- running straight to his master (or mistress) when cornered by some barracudas in mini-skirts at a club...

I didn't just describe the Boyfriend , did I?
Oh well! Three more weeks to go.


LG said...

lolllllllllll@ur *specifications norrin do u jare :-)

take kia now'

T-razor said...

n welcoming the one, the only, the beautiful, the interesting, the thoughtful, the kind, the wonderful... Eeeeeellllll... Geeeeeeee
Babes, how far? u don land?
Lets do it like we know how girl...
norin do u too my pesina pesin!!!

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