Sunday, May 24, 2009


Nothing happened this weekend! Nothing happened this weekend!! And when I mean nothing happened, NOTHING!!! happened!

The Roomate went to Abuja Friday. Donny called and canceled our date on Friday evening at the last minute. How annoying! The Boyfriend had suggested on Wednesday doing something together on Friday but I had blown him off. When I called him as back-up he said he was feeling sick and wanted to lie in. I thought he was just sulking so I refused his offer to come and spend the night and ended up spending the the whole night alone, locked up in the Fame Lodge drinking and going bored out of my school. The drinking part was not so bad since I love me my wine. But drinking alone! That is so not cool; especially the morning after. You should have seen my bleary eyes. Then my breath! Oh my God! It was so foul it woke me up and I think I was snoring and I drooled all over the couch. It was one of the worst Friday nights I have ever had in recent times.

Then the Boyfriend called me on Saturday at about nine am (actually, he woke me up) sounding really sick. Probably malaria , he said. I had to drag myself off the couch to do the galfriendy-thing. We went to the hospital and he did have malaria and then we had to go to his house where I had to nurse him and pet him all the while wondering why Donny hadn't called.

At about 5pm I called the useless Donny. I was already thinking of a suitable excuse with which I could bail from the Boyfriend and finally, probably, have a fun weekend only for the inconsiderate Donny to come up with some stupid story of how he couldn't make it again and was so sorry, blah, blah, blah! Yuck!

I ended up spending the night at the Boyfriend's which culminated into another night on the couch channel-surfing and getting bored out of my skull while he slept in his room.
I hate the smell of drugs, the smell of sickness, the smell of boredom, the smell of betrayal, the smell of useless guys who all seemed to have conspired to ruin my weekend!
A Diva has got to have fun at the weekend. Don't they understand that?!

This morning, the Boyfriend woke up feeling all grateful. In fact, he was so grateful he wanted to have sex! Of course I said NO! I wanted Donny not him. And the nonsense Donny had switched to not picking his calls! Next I knew the phone was screaming 'Not available'. What?! A guy switching off his phone on me?!! Is he nuts?!!!

Maybe it was the malaria but the Boyfriend's brain suddenly went mushy and he started talking about the future: how he wants the relationship to continue after he leaves, how he is planning to come back to Nigeria in the nearest future- what for?! What for? I ask you.

Doesn't he get it? I have prepared my mind. I have moved on, onto Donny.The Boyfriend is like a fading story. What is this? I ask you.

And that Donny! What is his story?

Yuck weekend! Yucky, yucky weekend!

I am still at the Boyfriend's place doing the galfriend-duty. I think I have to 'shake bodi' this night, get rid of some of the excess energy that has got me going nuts!

And as for Donny, of course I am going to make him regret this weekend.


Fatima said...

Awww! Poor T-Razor! How could he blow you off like that though? That's so rude. Naija people do that a lot! I always give it to them! When people don't give me at least 48 hours notice of cancellation I turn into a fire breathing dragon! Let's just say people that no more no longer cancerl :)

That was so good of you doing galfriend duty! wrong timing on the boy's part!

Love your blog :)

P.S. My friends call me a Diva too!

T-razor said...

Thanks Fati. You so feel me. But there's one ting just canceling on me and its another canceling when am horny, u get?
and hey DIVAS FOR LIFE, rite?!
We r so much cooler then those football-loving pseudo-gunners chicks! and that's talking to you LG!!

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