Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Trésor, Her Royal Purpleness

For some odd reason, I just seem to looove purple.
It calls me. It appeals to me. It makes me feel sexy.
It calms me. It soothes me. It makes me feel like royalty.
It defines my Divaliness.

Purple is the colour of royalty. I am royalty. I am a Queen. (You better believe that, babe!)
I am the Queen of all I survey. At least I am the Queen of Fame lodge! The Roomate calls me Her Royal Purpleness but he put his foot down when I asked if we could paint the sitting room royal purple- in acrylic. The dumb guy! Still, we got damask curtains with purple highlights.

My room looks like a tin of Turkish Delight with Purple playing a starring role.

My bath towel is a rich purple (now, why did I say dat?!)

My favorite pair of shoes is this pair of suede pumps the Roomate bought me for last year's Valentine.

My eyeshadow is Purple, my lipstck Purple.


My Favorite movie is Purple Rain!

My favorite song- Purple Rain.

And of course, I looove Prince ,His (Original) Royal Purpleness- before, during and after the time he was a mere symbol!
(Pretty Woman became my favorite movie just cos Julia Roberts sang Kiss in it!)

I have read The Color Purple like a bijillion times.

The only perfumes I use are the ones that come in purple bottles or are purple themselves hence most times I end up smelling like an arabian boudoir!

It was a glorious day on earth when I discovered pale lavender bathroom fittings. The tiles are a rich plum.

I only wish there was purple hardwood. My bed sadly has got the regular brown finishing.

I once only ate bread with black-currant fruit drinks so I could savour the rich purple sipping into the white of the bread! (Yeah, I know it's bad table manners to dip bread. That's why I don't eat with you!)

And if you think Purple is the only fetish I have, you best have a re-think.

I am a Freak- plain and simple; PURPLE only helps to give my craziness some colour!!!



Splash said...

now that's rich.
purple IS a royal color.
after black, purple then blue or blue then purple.

the color IS divine. i feel sexy in any item that is purple

T-razor said...

You feel me gurl!! Where we twins in another Life?

LG said...

deebeeeeee plz wake up :-)

T-razor said...

@LG alakoba! mind ya sef!

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