Thursday, May 28, 2009


They are even (partially) my colour.
I am so happy!
You should have seen the way the Fame Lodge erupted... in groans!
ha ha ha!
The place cleared faster than at a fire drill.
All too soon I had the sitting room (with all the usual garbage of course) to myself as they went to drown their sorrows at the nearest beer parlor.
Devils indeed.
Holy Ghost fire!


LG said...

*Gunners for life jare :-)

Splash said...

barcelona played far better.
but... since when did u start with soccer?
it's the fine guys abi? hmmmm

"Devila Indeed. Holy ghost fire" LMAO. that was good.

i'm too sure u were happy they won cuz then the spectating visitors had to fled to drown their sorrows. hahahahahaha.

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